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    Work from home concept or part time jobsĀ is becoming reality today and you may start earning by having access to online work place. To promote the concept of work from home, we at Freelancing Malaysia open up this platform for every freelancer out there to join us for free.

    Posting a project and joining as freelancer is absolutely free!!!

    So join our freelancing community today and start earning and getting your job done.

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    Are you a Freelancer?

    If you are a freelancer or planning to work online, then this platform is for you to join.

    At we provide platform for online workers such as content writer, web developer, programmer, graphic designers, translators, data entry, social media marketer or anyone who could handle digital work from online to be connected with freelance jobs in Malaysia

      • MYR500.00/h
      • 7 years
      • Audio Editing & Mixing
      • +2
      • MYR100.00/h
      • 4 years
      • Graphic Design
      • Social Media Marketing
      • +1
      • MYR8.00/h
      • 1 year
      • Autodesk AutoCAD
      • Excel
      • +1