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    1st page ranking in Google Search for freelance related keywords
    26,000 page views/month
    7,000 unique visitors/month
    8 minutes average session duration per visitor

    If your target market are freelancers, then advertising in this site will be your ideal choice to reach them.

    Types of Advertising in

    Banner Advertising

    Banner Advertisements relies solely on the performance of banners which referring to “Eye-Ball-Click-Through-Conversions” or “Impactfulness”. When someone sees a banner advertisement, the ability of it to capture the attention of the visitor within seconds before they scans the rest of the page is extremely important. If a user does not click on a banner, it should nonetheless try to make such an impact upon him that he will remember the banner advertisement in his subconscious mind. As long as any of the above two situations have been fulfilled, the banner advertisement campaign can be considered a success.

    How do you capture attention?
    In order to capture attention effectively, banners should consist of the following characteristics:

    Fast loading time
    Ability to capture a user’s attention within seconds
    Message to be projected should be clear and easy to understand
    Banners should intrigue a user, spike his curiosity and make him want to know more

    Banner Placement
    With a well designed banner, it is still of no use if the user is not able to see the banner. Apart from being placed in a prime location on a website, it also has to be placed in a location with high traffic flow under sections with high relevance.

    Based on the above requirements & suggestions, would be able to help you deliver your message across to the correct target audience based on its wide array of interests & sections without wasting any of your resources in wasted banner ads.

    Article Sponsor

    To advertise using Article Sponsor on site, it must comply with the following guidelines:

    Our Rates and Pricing allows our advertisers to pick the best sections & positions in which to present their banner advertisements & sponsor articles to potential customers. From the list below, you can get a rough idea as to how many different type of advertisement placings currently offers.







    Other Sub-Pages


    NOTE: Banner Size / Pixels: Banner Size is measures in terms of PIXELS. Basically the more pixels a banner consists, the larger the banner will be.

    Banner Ad Rates


    Banner Specifications & Standards:

    Linking: Linking can be done to websites or email addresses
    Image Maps: Not Supported
    File Type: JPG or GIF (transparency not recommended)
    File Size: Less than 300 kilobytes

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