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    A lifestyle content writer for a blog to drive engagement for a beauty product

    A lifestyle content writer for a blog to drive engagement for a beauty product

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    • Active on October 8, 2018

    Project description:

    I am looking for a lifestyle content writer with experience in the beauty field. 

    I am planning to launch a beauty tool but would like to have some content pre-launch to drive engagement towards the blog/shop for retargeting purposes. 

    The content does not have to relate to the product – but would like an engaging piece of article pinpointing skin-related topics faced by Malaysians due to Malaysian weather and possibly the corresponding how-to’s. 

    Above is just my suggestion, an expert like you would be of a better position to suggest a more engaging type of beauty article!


    1. Isaac Cheong

      Respected sir/madam,

      Your project requirement and description are well-noted. I have both academic and non-academic working experiences in different fields. I am a freelance content writer since I was pursuing my first degree. For further information, please go to this link to view my profile:

      Whatever the information, I deliver honest content creation that can deliver your message as powerfully as you require. 
I look forward to getting your feedback!

 Please contact me with the details below if you wish to choose me to complete this project.

      Contact No.: +6017-4607345

      Best Regards,

    2. Hasbullahadi Sallehuddin

      Hi there, i have experience in driving traffic to view blog/website through my writing. I have 6 years of experience as content writer.

      You may reach me at 017-3037967 for further discussion.

      • Cae Me Chin

        Hi Hasbullahadi Sallehuddin,

        Thank you for your interest in this job post. Do you have any experience in writing beauty articles for the female demographic?

    3. Julia Lim Sy Yi

      Hello there!

      My name is Julia Lim and I’m a college graduate student from the communications field.

      I’m utmost interested in taking up this project. I have a sizable knowledge on beauty cultures along with personal experiences, and I have plenty of good beauty advice and insight to offer that I think would make for some pretty fantastic articles!

      I have had plenty of past experiences, including professional experiences, with writing and producing articles, as well as copy-writing and translating (Chinese to English and Japanese to English). Samples can definitely be provided very quickly and on the spot if you’re interested.

      I look forward to hear from you. :)

      • Cae Me Chin

        Hi Julia Lim Sy Yi,

        Yes, would you please submit a bid so that we can message privately? I would like to see the samples that you mentioned.

        Thank you.



    Skills required:


    Jotham Lim Ee Chen
    7 Years


    I’m Jotham, I work full-time as a writer for PropertyInsight & EntrepreneurInsight, a local magazine publication.

    You can check out my article portfolio through my personal blog here:

    I can write a variety of topics that are targeted towards Malaysians.
    However, I have no experience writing specifically for females and my knowledge of beauty products is limited to sharing from my girlfriend.

    However, it can be easily fixed with simple researching. However, I can only write in such a way that comes from a male’s perspective.

    Please do let me know if you’re interested. My average rate is RM70 for a standard article (700 – 1000 words).

    You can contact me via Whatsapp @ 0176421337

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    Teri Ong
    Digital Marketer
    2 Years

    How long does each blog content have to be? Is it just one blog post or will there be a few?

    In Process
    Wei Xing Loh
    Project Coordinator
    3 Years

    I have experience in content writing, proficient language is English and Chinese

    In Process
    Sales & Marketing (Online Business)

    Cae Me Chin

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