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    Event video and photo shoot and editing

    Event video and photo shoot and editing

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    • Active on August 7, 2018

    Project description:

    Freelance photographer&Videographer coverage event on 20/08/2018 – 24/08/2018 

    video to be deliver and playback on screen on the 24/08/2018, 3pm


    We’re looking for a freelance photographer and Videographer-Editor to shoot and edit video for a event on date mentioned above. Shooting(ref to picture attached) and editing(Macbookpro) Equipments will be provide if you do not have. If you’re interested please send your resume to Kindly state your fees of charge with and without a shooting and editing equipments.



    1. sha kah hwang

      Hi my name is Kah Hwang, i have more than 2 years experience in photography and videography. Kindly contact me for future services at You can see my previous work at “”. Thank you.

    2. William Chew Jia Cheang

      Hi, we are production house that provide videography service. If further still need any videography service ,can always contact us.thanks

    3. Syam14

      I am specialized in making creative videos. Please email me if you are interested with my work.

    4. Wi

      Hi, havw production background ,also include events, wedding abd corporate video. kindly reach me (0109122432) for more detail. If further have job also can contact.

    5. Nurul Farahil

      Hi Fara here. I am a multimedia designer. You can contact me for more details. Here is my email

    6. Sin Bkr

      Location ‘ Kuala Lumpur


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