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    Need some help in recruiting survey respondents

    Need some help in recruiting survey respondents

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    • Active on February 7, 2019

    Project description:


    I am currently conducting data collection for my thesis. I need someone to help me out in collecting 50 Malay survey respondents. The survey is distributed online.

    Let me know if you can help. Thank youuu!


    1. muhamad haziq johari

      ws me 01139643642

    2. Amelia Abidin

      Dear Sir,

      Please update me how could I assist you to complete the project. Looking forward for your reply. Thank you

    3. Akiah Abu Bakar

      Hey! I am interested. Is this job still available?

    4. Liyana Lee

      Hi im interested !thank u

    5. CRCG Nurul Ashikin

      Hi, I’m interested and capable to collect 50 malays respondents.

    6. IVY TANG

      Hi, i’m interested.

    7. Erliana Fazra Safri

      Please contact me on 0179010857. Need to know more details.

    8. NIjama Nijama

      Hi. I am interested with this job. I can gather respondents in the university.

    9. Norshamiza abu bakar

      Hai, iam interested. Kindly let me know the details. Thanks..

    10. Nurul Hasnimi Zainan

      Hai..I’m interested with this project..tq

    11. Muhammad Nazreen Bin Zainudin

      Hi…I’m interested. Accessible to 50 Malay respondents in my office


    Skills required:


    Sha Shaari
    Microsoft words
    1 Year

    Hi, I am Sha. I am interested of this project.

    In Process
    Natasha Azlan
    Proofread, Copywritjng and Data Entry
    2 Years

    Hello, I’m Natasha and here is my email for further discussion,

    In Process
    A copywriter
    1 Year

    Hi, I am Putri majoring in Business Administration. I have looked for your offer regarding survey distributors at Kuala Lumpur for your thesis. I can accomplish this task. I am highly motivated and a person who works in passion. I am an expert in the Bookkeeping Record and Microsoft office especially Excel and Powerpoint and as I took classes for these applications during my studies. I am good at English.
    ” For me, work quality is my consent rather than quantity”. I promise the project can be done on time and deliver the highest quality for your projects. I am glad to answer any question you may have at any time 24/7. Thank you!

    In Process
    Azlil Safwan
    Graphic Designer / Content Creator / Designer
    1 Year

    Hi, i can you with this task. Kindly contact me through my phone number, 016 222 6227 or through my email at

    In Process
    Hazwani Nadhirah Ibrahim
    Website & System Developer, Translator, Data Entry Expert, Resume Designer
    1 Year

    Hello! You are looking for the right person here!!

    I have experienced in Survey Data Collection. I have done this task for a PhD student from University Malaya last year. I have found about 161 respondents to answer the survey. I probably can help you with this job. Do contact me for further details. Thank you.

    Hazwani Nadhirah
    Survey Data Collection

    In Process
    Muhammad Nazreen Bin Zainudin
    Certified English Language Communications Expert / Passionate Multimedia Designer
    17 Years

    Can access to 50 Malay respondents

    In Process
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    Edward L

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