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    Theme X Website

    Theme X Website

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    • Active on July 8, 2018

    Project description:

    We intend to create simple company website using Theme X (or other suitable theme) contains the following :-

    1. Home 

    2. About Us

    3. Product Listing (5 categories, total product less than 50)

    4. Solutions

    5. Contact Us


    1. Lizazainal abidin

      hi, eng hau,
      may i know how to reach you for details on this job?
      and how can i apply and further discuss?

    2. Simon

      hi Eng Hau,

      Good day sir, we are bunch of passionate young teenager that seeking opportunity and eager to show our skills on what we had good at, and we see that you are currently looking for web developer, we believe that we able to give you the best offer that you are interesting on. hope to hear from you soon

      here is my email:

      best regards,

    3. Muhammad Ezra Haziq Nordi

      Dear Eng Hau Tan, i am well interested in the project as proposed by you. Truthfully, i am currently in my 2nd-year degree in Information System Engineering and i would like to increase my working experience by taking this project as well as my portfolio. It is not the money that i aimed to get but by taking this project, you are helping me contribute to my list of projects portfolio. My asking price would be around RM 900 – RM 1400. I am looking forward to this project and i will deliver it as promised.


      I can help build from Scratch….even without nothing….Hosting, Domain, Emails and website. Whatsapp me…since i am working man..0135563656

    5. Cathryn Kok

      Hi Eng Hau,
      I have created contents for websites from scratch and also revamped websites. With 5 product categories, it’s important to categorise them well and have a good Home page to introduce your company and capture the viewer’s attention within the first glance!

      Hope to hear from you soon.
      Cathryn, Catchy Content
      018-282 8800

    6. Alvin Teoh

      Dear Eng Hau Tan, i am web designer, kindly contact me for further discussion, Thank you :)

      Email :

    7. Chew Soon Yung

      Interested. Email me for further implementation. Thank you.

    8. Rafsan

      Hello Sir
      Hope You are doing well..
      I have read your requirement and I am interested..I am working with a freelance team in Malaysia..I have 4+ years experience in web design and development and 2+ years mobile application..please Can You Email me for more details and I will sent you some of our working portfolio..
      My Email:
      contact No: +60142652364
      Best Regards

    9. yash yash

      Contact me at for further discussion.



    Skills required:


    Nazrin Noorzan
    WordPress Developer
    1 Year

    That budget is just for my hours of service.

    Domain & server hosting are not included.

    In Process
    Oscar Ho
    Web & Mobile Developer
    3 Years

    Hi there, i have experience with website design. I have confident that i able to do it effectively with your requirement.

    In Process
    shaharuddin saad
    Website developer
    15 Years

    I can create a simple company website using the x wordpress theme . I have used the x theme in my wordpress projects before . I am highly skilled in wordpress . I have built and customized hundreds of wordpress websites . I can do coding as well as design . Please message me at to discuss.

    In Process
    Simon Loi
    Web Developer
    2 Years

    Hi Eng Hau,

    We are bunch of young teenagers passionate on web development that seeking opportunities to work on web project. I see that you are currently looking for web developer and we believe that we can give you the best offer that you looking for. Hope to hear from you soon.

    best regards,

    In Process
    IT Personel
    5 Years

    All i need is Your company Information, Some pictures to add and someone contact so i can reach to ask for confirmation for the products.

    thank you.


    In Process
    Suzanne Loh
    Graphic Designer
    13 Years

    Hi Eng Hau,
    Thanks for posting this job! I’ll be happy to assist you.

    If you’re around Klang Valley, we can do coffee and discuss further about the website. Or if it’s not convenient, we can always go a skype call.

    Looking forward to your favorable reply.

    Suzanne Lh.

    In Process
    Eidlan Harris
    Frontend Web Developer
    11 Years

    I’m interested, I have used x-theme on several websites in the past. Let me help to bring your project to life.

    In Process
    Umair Mannan
    7 Years

    I’ll need max 2 weeks. All I just want to ask, do you want website design or development?

    In Process
    UI UX Designer
    3 Years

    Hi Mr. Tan,

    I’m interested in this project. Could you kindly provide me further details of the project scopes? Kindly email to

    I’m working as UI/UX Designer, experienced in website design and development.

    Here’s some of my latest works.

    Hear from you soon.
    Thanks! :)

    In Process
    yash yash
    software developer
    8 Years

    Contact me at for further discussion.

    In Process
    Video Editor

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