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    Tutorial Video Production

    Tutorial Video Production

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    • Active on September 9, 2018

    Project description:

    I need to produce a 40-60 minutes video tutorial for my online software and how to find Hot & Viral Shopify Dropshipping Products. I can provide a script (in Word) and video example. The idea is to create a more polished version of my draft, with professional sound quality, speaking voice over, and clean video editing. Note that there will be a couple of other similar tutorials to create after this one


    1. Chng

      Hi, we are an eLearning company that produce digital content.

      Sample of work
      Animated video for microlearning
      Game-based learning
      Links 1 and 2 are a set. After watching the short video, learners are assessed by a game.

      Interactive courseware

      Please contact me if you are interested.

    2. AK

      Hi. Is this job still available? If yes I’m interested. I have done videos for few companies. What exactly timeline you need on it? Do you have any elements ready? Pls whatsapp for easier to connect. 0176313137. Ak


    Skills required:


    Zulhilmi Fauzan
    Freelance Designer/ 3D Visualizer
    1 Year

    Hi, if this project is still available you can whatsapp me at 01126706199 for further dicussion.

    In Process
    Nizam Toha
    Creative Designer / Editor / Socialist
    7 Years


    Please reach me via email at for further discussion.

    Thank you and have a good day.

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    zax wong
    VIdeo Production
    4 Years

    Hi, Im interested on this project.
    We are a team from Momen4 Pictures. We are video production company which founded in 2017. Our services include filming, animation, corporate videos, promotional videos, commercial videos, event shooting, short films and documentaries. We also provide pre-production and post-production services such as creative thinking and concept, video editing, motion graphics.
    We look forward to getting your feedback!

 Please contact us with the details below if you wish to choose us to complete this project.
    Contact No: +6016-6158543

    Best Regards,

    In Process
    Mae Joseph
    0 Years


    My names Mae Joseph, I am a content creator, writer and digital designer. I have done tutorial videos in the past, as well as commercials. I am formally from the entertainment industry, previously Miss World, Miss Tourism pageant girl as well.

    I have a large following of 20K on instagram, and creating tutorial videos is very common for me, I believe I will be able to create something with good conversions for your project.

    Look forward to hearing from you.



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    Jotham Lim Ee Chen
    7 Years

    A 40-60 minute video will be quite difficult to make when considering that

    1. Need to capture video footages of using the app
    2. Recording voice overs
    3. Sound mixing voice overs
    4. Edit the video together
    5. Add VFX & animations

    With my current Work schedule, I can finish it for RM3500 in 1 month with guaranteed quality.



    Full Length, TV Programme

    (Credit: Director of Photography & Post Production)

    8TV Music Video Programme

    (Credit: Director of Photography & Post Production)

    Recent Corporate Video:

    (Credit: Director, Director of Photography & Post Production)

    Genting Highlands Hari Merdeka Promo

    (Credit: Director of Photography & Post Production)

    Motion Graphics:

    (Credit: Motion Graphic designer)
    Wedding photo

    (Credit: Second Cameraman)

    You can contact me through


    Whatsapp/Phone : 017-642 1337

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    kusembang femes

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