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    Videographer and Videoediting

    Videographer and Videoediting

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    • Active on October 3, 2018

    Project description:

    Hi there!

    We are looking for a videographer to cover our Anniversary Dinner next year in February. We would require someone who can film for around 4 hours and edit the footage into a video of 10-20 mins.

    There are certain specifications regarding the video that we require, therefore, should you be interested, message me your email so that I can get in touch.

    The budget is negotiable.

    Email me at


    1. Aina Azim

      Update : I am still following through with all the applicants. Since no final decision has been made, please do not hesitate to apply if you think you have the skills we require.

    2. Hafiy DK

      Need Me ?
      Visit here :
      or whatapps : 01129518300

      able to do video editing

    3. Aina Azim

      Email me at if you have any queries

    4. Mohamed Ramadan

      Hello ,
      Iskandar i would like to be part of your project and can work on the videos and photos for your event i’m sure you will like my work i have more than 5 years of working for photography and videography for a lot of projects with different backgrounds party or concert or wedding and also big events and i’m good to in editing photos by light room and photoshop and in editing videos to with adobe premiere pro so please inform me when you want to start and where exactly your event and i’m ready

      you can contact with my by my mail or phone

      email :

      phone : +601128883748

      Thank you a lot


    Skills required:



    Hafiy DK
    Video Editing and Visual Effect
    1 Year


    In Process
    Iskandar Osman
    Photographer & Videographer
    5 Years


    Im ashraf, founder of IXStudio. We are likely dedicated to involve with your videography as per requested. Kindly, can you whatsapp me at 0175129652 for further discussion on your requirement.

    Thank you

    In Process
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    Aina Azim

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