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    What we believe in Freelancing Malaysia

    In this period of time of outdated, entrepreneur and ideas of human resource is no longer effective. Current job security has become an unsecured. That all of us now have a choice; to choose what skills we learn and to whom we work for, enabling us to combine our work and our passion, producing results that are highly innovative.

    We want each freelancer to be more than just their resume.

    We want each business to be more than just offering their jobs and requirements.

    We want to help exciting employers and passionate freelancers find each other….

    It’s time for a freelance marketplace platform in Malaysia. Our mission is to provide local freelancers with a forum in which they can display their skills and feel part of a community. This platform will help them to promote and hone their natural talent to help achieve flexibility, balance and accomplishment. We also aim to be the first place SME’s go to when looking for skilled talents, by providing a convenient, highly credible, quality source of freelancers. To achieve this, we have built the user-friendly freelancing marketplace platform to connect passionate freelancers with innovative businesses who want to hire them. On top of all, we are very localise, we speak the same languages as our user do, we understand local job market well, and know what it takes to succeed. Our experience in Malaysia’s freelancing industry certainly can benefit you.

    Benefits of

    •Free project posting by employer/businesses.

    •Free registration for freelancers to showcase their work and experience in their own profile page.

    •We intention to remove the most ridiculous offer for a project bids and make sure only genuine employers/freelancers post/bid for a job/projects.

    •All jobs/projects will be reviewed by our team before being posted online.

    •Free workspace messaging tool for both employer and freelancer to communicate and share files.

    •Notification on all new jobs/projects posted on site based on your skills/category.

    •Helpful articles on how to get started as a freelancer.

    and many more benefits will be add-on as we progress and get feedback from user. 🙂