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    My Linkedin profile :

    I am analytical social and have great interest in people, organizations and service roles. I am a strong analytical and systems thinker, able to appreciate both the objective and subjective aspects. My presentation or work are usually thoughtful, questioning, insightful and evaluative.

    My top 5 personal values are Helpfulness, Faithfulness, Fairness, Trustworthiness and Credibility.

    They are my social and work life driving forces that push me towards making things better for people and I particularly work well in strong values based and purpose aligned environment which brings me to my yoga practice with intention.

    With three academic degrees in Accounting, Finance and Information Technology, my entire career has been dedicated to helping organizations to achieve operational excellence and attaining profitability as desired, applying logic and find models for change, providing objective view for organizational views (particularly from people perspective) and finally encourage the team autonomy and freedom of thought.

    My areas of expertise include:

    *  Yoga and Pilates teaching for people’s aged from 5 to 80 years old.

    * Business Development

    * Financial Management

    * Promotions and Marketing

    * Operational excellence

    * Contract negotiations

    * Creation of LinkedIn profiles

    * Work Performance Coaching


    My other areas of interest and focus that I believe will be helping my clients:

    * Yoga events/workshops facilitation

    * Practical and Functional yoga routines for the elderly and young adults

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