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    Hi guys,

    I’m a professional writer and journalist based in KL who’s looking for more opportunities and (honestly) some ways to make some extra income by taking on some freelance jobs. 

    A little about my professional working experience:

    1) I’ve worked as a copywriter for over 4 years in international agencies based in KL. If you have seen the Boost App ads and Digi’s “Malaysia’s Largest Network” ads around KL, know that those were conceptualized by my ideas. My copywriting skills  spans across all areas of advertising: ATL, BTL, Digital and social media.

    2) Apart from that, I’ve written for some local publications; ranging from fashion, to tech and SMEs. Currently, I’m employed as a Tech Journalist for an international website. My articles are all SEO friendly and gets shared quite frequently (I measure SEO using Yoast SEO on WordPress)

    3) I also write poems in my free time to sharpen my skills and let some thoughts out of my mind. I publish them on Instagram as I have not found a suitable publisher to publish my work in written format (hopefully I would someday, but the focus lies elsewhere).

    My rates are usually set via discussion. Due to work commitments, it would be hard to commit to hourly-based pay, therefore I would prefer to take on jobs that pay on project basis. My only request is for a reasonable timeline.

    If you’re looking for a holistic writer to take on any jobs you have, I’m the right guy for you. 

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