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    I have been working as a graphic designer for 2 and half years+,   working in 4A design agency .I’m from Ipoh Perak and currently staying in KL.

    Motion graphic and simple video shooting is an additional points for me, to make my design more eyes catching & it’s also a way to spread more message in 1 shoot. & also I have basic knowledge of social media marketing.

    Please click the links below for my portfolio


    here to share you some of my special cases

    In this case, I can’t just ask audience to join us, because the position is quite sensitive. 90% of audience will just skip the ads when they see the job title. Therefore, I go on another point of view to educate audience when “the day” is here, what should do & what’s the problem family member might face?

    I believe lot’s of people lack of this kind of experience, so the ads can keep audience not to “skip ads” to learn more about this.

    and this is another challenge case for me

    to asking people buy the wine without provide any drops of taste. At the end I decide to present it by story telling way, because people don’t like ads BUT they may like to listen story. Is merlot for bad taste people? Go get 1 and try it yourself!

    Kindly whatapps or call me if you have any question

    016 – 5999 678

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