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    Frequently Asked Question


    What is is an online marketplace connecting Job Requestor/Employers with Malaysian Freelancers. On Freelancing you can find qualified freelancers for any online works such as web design, creative design, content writing, online marketing, SEO and many more jobs which could be done via online!

    Why use

    Freelancing helps job requestor to submit a job request and find the right freelancer for the job. As you use, you will experience the following benefits:

    1) Get job proposal from qualified Malaysian freelancers in a single platform.

    2) Manage project using our online messaging system and tracking.

    How to use

    Simply post your job requirement details for free from the site. It will only take less than 5 minutes to complete the job requirement details.

    Is it free to post a project or join as freelancer?

    Posting your job requirement details in is always free!

    The free plan will allow you to post a project for 14 days.

    Joining as freelancer is also free!!!

    How do I make payment to freelancer?

    Currently we are still working on payment gateway solution.

    Meantime, you will need to discuss the payment terms with freelancer and pay directly to them.

    How do I know if a freelancer is interested in working on my project?

    Once a freelancer submits their proposal, you will be notified via email. You may review their proposal and assign the job to one of them.

    What if I’m not satisfied with the work done by freelancer?

    You may request for revision or communicate directly with freelancer to make the changes with valid reason.

    Am I allowed to communicate with freelancer before and after assigning a project?

    Yes, you may use our messaging system to communicate with freelancers to discuss about the project requirements before and after you assign the project. All communications via our messaging system will be saved for future traceability and reference.


    Is bidding for a project free?

    Currently you need to have bidding credits to bid for a project.
    To bid a project, you need 1 bid credit.
    If you don’t have any bid credits, just click on the bid button to purchase bids.

    How do I make sure my proposal get noticed?

    Once you find a project which suits your skill, you can start bidding for it.
    You will need to insert your propose budget, duration of expected completion and explanation on why you are the suitable candidate for this job
    Clearly explain why you are the best for this task and show your portfolio and previous works if possible.
    Also make sure your user profile is updated with all the relevant resume details and profile photo.

    How do I get paid for the work done?

    Currently we do not offer any payment escrow service yet. So it is advisable for both freelancer and project owner to discuss the payment terms before begin working on the project.

    What if the requestor doesn’t pay me?

    We at Freelancing go to lengths to determine the authenticity of project requestor and validate each job posting.
    Currently we do not offer any payment escrow service yet.
    So we always encourage freelancers to receive some deposit up-front from project owner before start working on a project.
    But take note, if the job performed is not as per requirement, the job requestor may cancel the project (with valid reason agreed between both parties) and you may not get paid.

    So always get the project requirements upfront before you begin working on it.

    To understand how our site works, watch our intro video below.