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    May 30, 2017
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    How to win a Freelancing Projects

    Winning a freelancing project is a challenge these days for many freelancers. Freelancers often have to write proposals in order to win projects. The same applies to freelance project boards like With growing competition, it has become harder for beginner freelancers to compete and win a project. Writing proposals can sometimes be very tricky, but having a couple of things in mind can make a great difference in the way you approach this task and, more importantly, in the way an employers evaluate your proposal.

    Some freelancer thinks that by offering lowest bid, they may get the projects. But here’s the thing: when we talk about the winning projects as a top bidder, we need to think of it as a skill.
    Winning a project is not all about offering lowest bidding price. It’s not worth to go broke by completing a three-day worth of work in just one day. It involves you writing and sending a customised proposal as per the requirement of project. Here are a few steps that will improve your proposal writing skills and increase your chances to get contracts.

    During writing your proposal for a project, keep in mind the following points:

    • Understand who your employer is or project owner background industry. Apply for projects which you are fully equipped with skills and are confident of completing the task in all aspects within given time period as per the requirements of client. Go a step further and do a background check of your own and get to know the client and his work.
    • Always focus on the client requirement and customise your proposal according to the project brief.
    • Always read the project brief twice before writing a proposal. It is very important to understand the project before committing to anything. I have seen many examples personally and professionally where people fail to understand the project requirements and end up wasting everybody’s time and money.
    • Always write a customised proposal direct to the point that addresses the client’s needs directly and clearly. Never ever forget to read your proposal once (even twice) before posting.
    • During posting of proposal, always try to give at least one hint through your top two lines of proposal to client that you fully read the project brief and are confident to deliver what they are looking for. That puts both you and the client at ease from the beginning.
    • The length of your proposal is very important. Don’t write an essay but that doesn’t mean it should look like a preview either. Avoid writing like “Email me at …..” or “I’m interested”.

    The above points will ensure that your client realizes that you understood the requirements, and what time and cost is required of you to complete the job. This leaves a lasting (and positive) impression on clients about selecting and hiring you.

    Good Luck and happy freelancing!!!