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    1 Hour Read and Record (Malay)

    1 Hour Read and Record (Malay)

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    • Active on September 24, 2019

    Project description:

    What we do: A.I. training on Malay language speech data

    Voice recognition technology is now integrated seamlessly into our lives, with voice assistant tools such as Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant making our daily lives more efficient than ever. However, such tools only function well on common languages such as English. What if our national language can be used on such platforms with full functionality, and can recognize robustly different accents, age, speech patterns etc. and even being able to recognize both colloquial and formal speech? We are working to achieve this dream. And we need your help.

    How can you help us?

    We are looking for people of Malay or Bumiputera ethnicities (Age 18-60) to conduct a simple recording job. Download our app to record and read 450 short sentences in Malay in a silent environment. We pay RM30 for the full 450 sentences read (roughly 1 hour of total audio, 1.5-2 hours total time to complete the job)

    Register with us to get your serial number here:

    You can earn additional RM5 per referral (if candidates fill in your email as referrer). Refer 10 friends and family = RM5 x 10 = RM50 bonus

    You can also reach us at

    WhatsApp: 011-169780130



    1. Sungeeta Kaur

      Hi. I am interested to take up this job. I am not a Malay or Bumiputera, but rest assured that I am highly proficient in Bahasa Malaysia. Please feel free to contact me at 0166712087

    2. Syuhadah Hamzah

      Hi Sir,
      I am writing in response to your advertisement for a “Voice Record Job”. After carefully reviewing the experience requirements of the job description, I feel that I am a suitable match for the job. I feel that I can add professionalism and accuracy to your current team of professionals. With extensive experience supporting all levels of a department and working directly with external vendors, I take direction well and can complete a heavy work load and complete projects under minimal supervision. If you feel there is a mutual interest, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your company, The requirements of the position, and how my qualifications would be a good fit. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward from you soon.
      Syuhadah Hamzah

    3. Muhammad Syamim

      I am writing in the response for your offer. I am from Malaysia and currently study in Bachelor of Hotel Management. Kindly you can contact me at

    4. Nur Syafiqah bt Faudzi

      for future reference, you can whatsapp me at 0137961212


      Hello, I am a native Malay and I have high proficiency in English.I have all of the skills and experience that you’re looking for, I can assure you there will be no flaws in my work.

    6. Nurul Imanina Zainuddin

      Dear client,

      My name is Nina. I’ve Bachelor in Hotel Management. I’m able to help in solving any problems regarding the field of my studies and also able to negotiate with people. I am afford to complete the tasks as soon as possible according to the customer’s requirements. I am also able to do the multi task that customer assigned to me.

      Be assured of anytime:
      -Strict adherence to instructions
      -Timely delivery of projects
      -Plagiarism-free papers

      Feel free to contact me and we’ll find out together on how to complete your projects/ tasks at satisfying level. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch! ^_~

      Thank you for reviewing my proposal and I am looking forward for your response.


    7. Surge

      Alteranate whatsapp number: 01169799279


    2 Years

    hello my name is Afnie Nadhira and i was interested with your offer. please let me know if you want to hire me.

    In Process
    Muhammad Syamim
    Design Logo
    1 Year

    Hi there, I am interested with the project that have been offered by you.I would gladly to work with you and could give the best results in the professional way that I could make for you. 

    In Process
    Muhamad Danish
    Copy Writer
    1 Year

    An IPTA student (Government University). Doing Freelancer for part time.
    As a skilled with key experience managing all facets of photography editing tasks for reputable companies, I am positioned to make a significant impact on your photo problem solver.

    Translating English to Malay.
    Editing photo.
    Remove background.

    In Process
    Muhammad Khairani Masran
    1 Year

    Hello! I am Khai , im interested in this job. Really looking forward to work with you! I will finish exactly by the due date. Please consider me

    In Process
    Lela Kadir
    Expert in Data Entry, Logo Maker, Resume Maker
    3 Years

    Hello Sir, My name is Lela and i am interested in completing the project you have post. I’m a student and seeking for money to support my education cost. I have experiences in this kind of job and i have done several jobs who related to this project. Feel free to reach me by my email or call me at 01151844894. Thank you and have a nice day.

    In Process
    1 Year

    pls contact 0143441281

    In Process
    Sha Shaari
    Microsoft words
    1 Year

    Hi. I am workaholic person. Trsuted me and please consider me. I am promise you that the project can be done on time. Have a nice day. Thankyou in advance 🙂

    In Process
    Nurul Umira
    Microsoft Word
    0 Years

    Interesting to join.

    In Process
    Fadlin Fakhira
    Writer / Copywriter
    1 Year

    Hi! I’m Fadlin from Terengganu, Malaysia. I am very interested with this job. I am good in both Malay and English language. I can read fluently with stable voice. Looking foward to work with you! 🙂

    In Process
    athira rofai
    1 Year

    Hi! My name is Athira. I havethe ability to speak and read well in Bahasa (Malay). I am a trusted worker and able to finish work given on time. Thank You 🙂

    In Process
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