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    Animated Video Promo

    Animated Video Promo

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    • Active on May 13, 2019

    Project description:

    We are looking for a freelance who can do an exciting promo video for a product which is related to delivery services.  We need it urgently. 


    1. Sven Aw

      Hi Sir,
      We are PIXTALE STUDIO, a creative studio based in Selangor, Malaysia.

      We provide all kind of creative services as below;

      Graphic Design | Video Production | Photography | Motion Graphic | Web Develop | Facebook Marketing | Printing Service

      Event | Advertising | Branding | Corporate | Wedding

      Check out our works here:

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      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries regarding to our service.
      Thank you and have a nice day.

    2. Tanesh Selvaraju

      Whatsapp : +60178873474
      Email :
      For a great deal ! 🙂

    3. AK

      Hellom is the project still on? Am waiting for your contact bro :). Can WhatsApp me at 0176313137

    4. AK

      Hi. how soon you need it? how long does it need to be? 30 sec? 1 minute?
      what kind of video you need? with actual shots or all graphics?

      you can contact me at 017-631-3137 for discuss bro. i can start work anytime.



    Skills required:


    Mohd. Alfianizizam Adeng
    Videographer / Cinematographer / Photographer
    2 Years

    Hi, i can create an interesting videos for you with narrative story telling style for you to capture your viewer. I am quite familiar with the delivery service process as well as i have involved with this line of business before.

    Feel free to contact me at 013-5727720.

    You can check some of my works at Huhafilms Youtube channel or my website at .

    In Process
    Video Editor
    2 Years

    Bring it on, easy brother

    In Process
    Muhammad Nazreen Bin Zainudin
    Certified English Language Communications Expert / Passionate Multimedia Designer
    17 Years

    Hi! I’m Nazreen. I’ve done animated video promos before this. Please watch my previous works below,, and email me ( if you like what you see. Thanks! 😀

    (Event launch with IIUM Logo)

    (Portal logo)

    (A throwback video with 3D blog intro)

    In Process
    Nazri Bin Abd Rahim
    Senior 3D Designer
    16 Years

    Whatsapp me @ 012 277 1079- Nazri

    In Process
    Ummi Syafiqa Alias
    freelance graphic design
    0 Years

    My skills and passion may be useful to your work. I am flexible and ready to start working with you anytime. Let us discuss on your preference and how many task I have to perform. The price and deadline is adjustable according to your budget.

    In Process
    Minhajuddin Khawaja
    Website, Power Point, Logo, Graphics Designing
    15 Years


    We have designed videos for many online firms worldwide. Please refer to my portfolio link below.


    We are extremely flexible and very easy to work with.

    I will work until you are 100% satisfied.

    I appreciate your business and looking forward to serve you in the best possible manner.

    Thank you,

    In Process
    sarah aliya
    4 Years

    Im sarah, your ads regarding your job offer on motion graphic and wonder if you would interested to hire me. So I’m a product designer, i can do 3D Renderings and motion graphics as well. Previously I’ve done jobs in motion graphic videos , but mostly are 2D. So if you’re interested in hiring me , I’ll be happy to work for you. 😊

    Here’s my portfolio:

    Videos : www.

    Just a heads up: Do view my website on desktop, cause its still under construction and not yet suitable for phone viewing.

    In Process
    Jacqueline JJ
    Web Developer & UIUX Designer
    9 Years

    Hi, my partner and I can handle it. Can I know more the details ?

    Whatsapp +60127806733

    In Process

    Azreen M Yusup

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