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    Assignments are due on the announced date.  Late work will not be accepted. Be professional on all of your written assignments. Do not copy from past students. If caught, your group’s project will be rejected. I am allergic with plagiarism.

    Assignment 1

    Individual Assignment (Critiquing Research Articles)(5%)

    You are given 2 research articles. You are required to critique the research paper given based on the criteria below:

    The introduction

    1. Is the research problem/question researchable?

    2. Is the problem important enough to justify the research?

    3. Is the background of the research relevant to the research problem?

    The literature review

    1. Is the literature is broad, yet focused to research issue?

    2. Is there convincing evidence to support assertion?

    3. Does it fairly represent opposing views?

    The research method

    1. Is there a clear rational to choose the research method?

    2. Is the research method appropriate for the research question?

    3. Was the data collection appropriate for the research?

    4. Where the methods described in enough detail?

    The data analysis

    1. Were the steps in the data analyses explained and the strategies justified?

    2. Were all the data taken from?

    3. Are the results relevant to research question?

    The discussion

    1. Have the results been interpreted in relation to research question and aims?

    2. Have conclusions and recommendations been appropriately drawn from the data analysis?

    3. How relevant and useful are the results to practice?


    1. diyana amira lukman

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    2. Esther Chong Wen Ching

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    5. Edward Lim

      Hi there! I’m interested. Feel free to contact me at 01110948995. Thank you!


    Nael Rok
    Civil Engineer
    3 Years

    My name is Nael Rok. My background is in Civil Engineering. My field of expertise is in AutoCAD, Structure Analysis, Highway and traffic and data entry. I have a lot of free time so extra attention to my work will be paid , I am very particular down to every single detail (a perfectionist) and I can deliver the work on time if not before.

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    Shazana Zaman
    5 Years

    Having taken classes in Critical Appraisal and Research Methodology, I have experience in doing similar assignments to this.

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    Muhammad Nazreen Bin Zainudin
    Certified English Language Communications Expert / Passionate Multimedia Designer
    17 Years

    Hello, my name is Nazreen (IIUM graduate from Class of 2003). I’ve read through both articles on SMEs. One on the correlation between women entrepreneurs n success, n the other is on the internationalization of SMEs (mostly under manufacturing industry), and how to measure the performance.

    I believe I can do this, plus both articles are an interesting read for me,, and I do have my views on the articles.Just to comment on just one thing….it’s amazing to see that those articles got glaring grammatical mistakes :))

    Anyway, I’m open for the job. Give me a hollar, & I’ll reply asap. Tq ::)



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