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    Assignment Writers

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    • Active on May 2, 2019

    Project description:

    I am looking for long-term academic writing freelancer whom I can collaborate with for consistent, high flow of academic writing jobs in areas such as  business, management, HRM, economics, accounting/finance, and marketing subjects. 

    Requirements for the applicant:

    • Have good conduct of English
    • Can write using correct English grammar and vocabulary
    • Able to meet all the instructions and requirements
    • Can meet tight deadlines 
    • Responsible, responsive and approachable
    • Can deliver high quality, original and well-researched articles
    • Familiar with APA 6th Edition and Harvard Referencing style
    • Experience in handling assignments and thesis (preferable)

    If you are interested, please leave your e-mail addresses in the comments section below.

    I look forward to working with committed writers and establish long term partnership. Thank you!


    1. chethra Solomon

      5 years of experience in Academic writing. Do reach me at Thank you.

    2. Dr Shyh-Mee Tan

      Kindly email;

    3. david hui yee

      Kindly email me at
      Thank you.

    4. david hui yee

      Kindly email me at

    5. Evelyn Wong

      Hi. I’m interested. Completed MBA in concentration of Healthcare Management. And currently pursuing DBA. Thank you.

    6. Nurul Syakirah Binti Mohd Yusof

      Hi, I am interested. Please contact me at

    7. Susie Ang

      Good day, kindly contact me at:

    8. Centain Chidyiwa

      Hi My name is Centain and have 10years experience in writing Business Management, HRM, Economics, Accounting/Finance, and Marketing assignments for both Bachelors and Masters students. I meet deadlines and allow students to have enough time for lecturer approval before final admission ensuring they get the grades they are seeking can reach me @

    9. Yi Jing Phua

      I have a PhD in Engineering. I am an experienced writer who published more than 14 papers in international peer-reviewed journals. I have also reviewed several articles in international journals. can definitely help you. Contact me at .

    10. Yi Jing Phua


      I am Yi Jing Phua. I have PhD degree in Engineering. I obtained my PhD in year 2012 and have been working as a researcher since then in different countries. I am currently working in Norway, but I am interested to take up some freelance work during my spare time.

      I am very experienced in research and academic writing. I have so far published 14 papers in high impact factor peer-reviewed journals. I hope you could consider my application. Drop me a mail if you think I am a suitable candidate. I look forward to hearing from you.

    11. leo leonard

      hi i am interested.Please mail me on

    12. leo leonard

      Hi.I am very much interested in this project.Please do email me at

    13. Lionel Wong

      Hi, Dai. I am currently a Diploma In Business student that have business, management, HRM, economics, accounting/finance, and marketing subjects as you wanted, I could the requirements that you’ve listed as I personally have to do my own assignments given by my lecturers. Feel free to e-mail me at, thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

    14. kirana kapoor

      Hi, i am interested in taking up the offer. i do have past experience in thesis and content writing.

      do contact me at

    15. Siti Khadijah

      Hi Dai!

      Anything you can email me at

    16. Bashim Mahir

      Hi, Dai, I have experience in thesis writing,.
      Kindly reach out to or 0143287865

    17. Joanne chin

      Hi, Dai, I have experience in helping assignment writing for accounting, corporate governance, auditing, management. Kindly reach out to or 0139316012.


      hello. i am interested in this project. you can email me at thank you

    19. Papreeka Editorials

      Check out for high quality writers.


    Skills required:


    Fadlin Fakhira
    Writer / Copywriter
    1 Year

    Hello. I am available and ready to do this work. Do contact me

    In Process
    athira rofai
    1 Year

    Hi, I am very interested with the job offer. Thank You 🙂

    In Process
    Mohamad Uwais
    Writing Article/Illustrator
    1 Year

    Hello, my name is Mohamad Uwais and i was very interested with your offer. Please let me know if you want to hire me.

    In Process
    Natasha Azlan
    Proofread, Copywritjng and Data Entry
    2 Years

    Hello, I am Natasha. Kindly email me for further discussion.

    In Process
    Lela Kadir
    Expert in Data Entry, Logo Maker, Resume Maker
    3 Years

    Hello Sir, My name is Lela and i am interested in completing the project you have post. I’m a student and seeking for money to support my education cost. I have experiences in this kind of job and i have done several jobs who related to this project. Feel free to reach me by my email or call me at 01151844894. Thank you and have a nice day.

    In Process
    Erra Afandy
    Experienced Data Entry Copy Typing and Poster Design
    6 Years

    You may reach me anytime if you wish to get to know more about me and my expertise regarding the project. Apart from that, please do view me as a friendly and easy going person when it comes to conversation. It is of course, regardless of their gender and age, it is no problem for mo to mingle together.

    Therefore, I assure you that I can provide a good result with all task given to me. However, for me to perform at your personal expectation, I may require training and a further discussion regarding this task.

    Would love to hear good news from you any time soon.

    In Process
    Business Administration
    1 Year

    HI, I am eager to hear more from you.

    In Process
    A copywriter
    1 Year

    Hi, I am Putri, majoring in Business Administration. I am highly motivated and a person who works in passion. I am an expert in the Bookkeeping Record and Microsoft office especially Excel and Powerpoint and as I took classes for these applications during my studies. I am good at English and glad to accomplish this task. I am fast and have accurate typing skills.
    ” For me, work quality is my consent rather than quantity”. I promise the project can be done on time and deliver the highest quality for your projects. I am glad to answer any question you may have at any time 24/7. Thank you!

    In Process
    Siti Khadijah
    1 Year

    Anything you can email me at

    In Process
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