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    Assignment Writers

    Assignment Writers

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    Project description:

    I am looking for potential assignment writers to work with. 

    Prices may differ  


    1. Asif Tamoso

      I’m crazy about assignments, though I do best in my subject, which is journalism. But if there’s a chance to work with you, I would love to.

      My email:

    2. yann

      I am working staff and a master student. Kindly pm me if you need my service.


      Hi, I am Angelin who graduated from Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication with the first-grade result. You may give me your assignment title and requirement if your topic is related with course in Mass Communication, Marketing or even Bussiness Admin.
      Please email me for further discussion


      Hai my name is Dhana. I have completed my bachelors degree. N i have 3 years of experiences in being as a assignment helper. I have done numerous assignments. So don’t worry…Do provide me your assignment details and i will provide you with the best result as well as affordable charges. Please feel free to contact me

    5. Scha

      Hi, I’m Scha..I’ve completed my tertiary level in Bachelor of Education (Hons) in TESL from UNISEL..and I have experience in completing thesis during degree phase with excellent result..You can reach me by my email stated there..Thank you..

    6. jensen wong

      Hello! I am available to handle education, marketing and human resources assignments/thesis. Kindly Pm if you have any offering. Thanks.

    7. Erica Muriel Munjan

      I am a professional Engineer by daytime and a social media junkie everyday. I express my forms of creativity through comedic words and puns. If you are interested, I did link my tumblr where I express some of my thoughts. Written english is my forte! If you’d like to hit me up with more details regarding myself, feel free to email me at .
      Thank you!

    8. Raj

      Hi Angel,
      I am interested. Have extensive writing for assignment experience. Currently doing masters. Please contact me at

    9. Yuvaraj SK

      Am interested , you can reach me at +60-1127501401

    10. Sandra Leow

      Hi there! I’m interested.

      Do contact me via

    11. ajju

      Please drop your contact details on

    12. Asma Mior

      Hi! I’m interested. I’m reading law in IIUM currently. Before this I was a writer/intern at Malaysian Business magazine and so has had many experiences with assignments and writing in general. More than that I am interested in gaining new knowledge and experiences if chosen. Kindly pm if you are interested!

      Thank you,

    13. aziah abdullah

      I am experience in doing marketing and social science assignments and thesis. Please pm me if the job is still available. Thank you.

    14. Noor Aishah Zainiar

      Hi! I am interested 🙂

      I am a working staff and a master student in Computer Networking. Network and IT communication are my expertise be assured that I have experience doing assignments/dissertations/thesis/typing/data entry.

      Thank you.

    15. Noor Aishah Zainiar

      Hi dear, I am working staff and a master student. I have experience in doing assignments/dissertations/thesis for. Kindly email/pm me if you are interested. Thank you 🙂

    16. david

      I have 10 years experience doing assignments/ thesis. Kindly pm me if you need my service.


        Hi david, do you provide thesis writing service for master level ? My field of study is health promotion. Kindly reply to my email: Thank you.

    17. Muhammad Nazreen Bin Zainudin

      Hi, my name is Nazreen, an IIUM graduate (English Language & Literature…Class of 2003). Currently an English Language teacher since 2007.

      I’m very interested to join the team. I was part of several assignment writer projects before this (multidisciplinary), and I believe that I can commit to this,

      Please holler if you need anything. Thank you 🙂

    18. FIZA

      Hi! I’m interested.


    Skills required:


    Mohamad Uwais
    Writing Article/Illustrator
    1 Year

    Hello, my name is Mohamad Uwais and i was very interested with your offer. Please let me know if you want to hire me.

    In Process
    Natasha Azlan
    Proofread, Copywritjng and Data Entry
    2 Years

    Hello, I’m Natasha and here is my email for further discussion,

    In Process
    Nor farahatul husna Saleh hudin
    Academic writer and business
    2 Years

    Hi, I am a master in Business management course by research graduate and has 4 years working experience in writing academic. I can help you with your thesis. Do contact me at or whatsapp 0134409853 to discuss further. Payment is negotiable

    In Process
    Qian Yin Dang
    Content writer, Academic writing
    2 Years

    experienced in content writing, academic writing, thesis dissertation

    In Process
    Cyrrel Lee Wei Pheng
    Masters Student / Freelance Writer
    3 Years

    Hi, I am a MBA with experience of producing high quality assignments and academic writings. If your topic is related to business and technology management, feel free to contact me.

    In Process
    0 Years

    I am a fresh graduate from a Bachelor Degree in Mass Communication. I having the result of first grade. You may give me your assignment topic and requirement. If your topic is related to communication, journalism, marketing, social media, or business admin or other. You may contact me for further information or discussion by email

    In Process
    Sharmini Hrikerisnan
    10 Years

    Hi, I am Sharmini, a creative, skilled, digital marketing specialist with 10 years of digital marketing and content writing experience; managing brands and professional social media accounts inclusive of corporate accounts.
    I have a comprehensive background in both product and service marketing with strength in social media marketing, copywriting, content marketing and project management.
    Please feel free to get in touch with me at or via Whatsapp at 018-2043704. I’d be more than happy to send you my resume and portfolio for your perusal and possibly meet with you at your convenience. Looking forward to hear from you.

    In Process
    Mohana Selayamany
    Doctorate Student/Freelance Writer
    4 Years

    I’ve considerable experience in writing theses and assignments. Besides having written assignments and a research project during my LLB and Master of Criminal Justice degrees, I’ve completed and currently completing assignments for others as well.
    You can email me at

    In Process
    Zulaiha Ahmad Zulkefli
    Design Engineer
    8 Years

    Please give assignment detail that need to be write and nee to discussed what topic and background study, so I can start research.
    #Please leave format detail if required for the assignment

    In Process
    Noor Sarah
    Free lancer
    2 Years

    Depends on the assignment

    In Process
    Web developer

    Angel tyy

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