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    Birthday Montage Video Editing

    Birthday Montage Video Editing

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    Project description:

    I have a birthday montage video that needs editing. The video should be around 8 minutes long and I have the footage as well as the songs for it.

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    1. Jun Kuro

      Hi, my name is Jun, and I am interested in your job offer and would like to know more about it. Please contact me through my email:

    Skills required:


    Alex Koh
    Filmmaker/Full Video Services
    7 Years

    Hi, I would love to help you edit your video, I have a lot of experience editing events and so on, I can guarantee delivery in 2 days, 3 if internet is slow

    My showreel:

    HP: 0122462995

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    Moo Production
    Videographer & Edit
    7 Years


    I’m very new to freelance work and wanted to start putting myself out there for some work. I’m interested in doing the video editing job. I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some sample of the video that would be very appreciated.

    I do have some work that on video editing work, i will send you some link of my video below, so you can do some reference.

    3) (Latest) Music Video

    Thank you very much for your time!

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    Yeon Hon KIn
    10 Years

    Hi…I’m Ken from YHK Production…
    Any sample video can saw it on pages…

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    Haseena Zol Azlan
    Video Producer, Video Editor
    10 Years

    Hi, you may contact m via whatsapp 0173840185
    or email

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    Omprekash Gunabalan
    Digital Artist
    1 Year

    ill do what i can to give you what you need 😀

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    kevin thien
    Video Editor
    1 Year

    I am a student which know how to editing and experienced on editing vlog and several types of video.

    This is the project that I have been completed.


    Summary Video:

    Dancing Video Summary:

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    Dwimay Fawzy
    Dwimay Creative Projects
    2 Years

    Hi, my name is Dwimay, and I am interested in your job offer. Please contact me through my email: for your further information about this job. Hopefully I can contribute to this project. Thanks.

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    Sam Thomas

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