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    Data & Visual Entry Powerpoint

    Data & Visual Entry Powerpoint

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    • Active on June 18, 2019

    Project description:

    To search image of goods and modelling (if available) and plug into powerpoint. List of model number will be provide. Please reach me at or 0182192138 if you’re interesting.


    1. Aurelia Chan

      Hi, my name is Aurelia Chan and I’m interested in working on your project. Please WhatsApp me at +60128040589 or leave me an email at chanaurelia@gmail,com to let me know the details of this project.
      You can check out my resume here:
      Hope to hear from you soon!

    2. Hamsavaheny Mohana Kumar

      Hi, I’m actively producing infographics via Powerpoint, Canva for organizations. I look forward to helping you with this project. I could show you samples if you’re keen to see. My work is always focussed on catching people’s attention at first glance. Quality and ensuring you are satisfied with my work will be my topmost priority.

    3. Marion Shaila

      Hi my name is Marion, I’m interested in this job, Do contact me via email at

    4. mekakartheni gunasagran

      Hi, Im Meka. Kindly please let me know more as I’m much interested in it.

    5. Rachel Yap

      I am good in illustrating and explaining data with power point using diagram and pictorial way for quick and easy understanding.
      I am experience in doing marketing and sales slides and i am in the marketing line for than 8 years. I hope i can serve your requirement.

    6. Fazl Azimov

      I am interested and able to do

    7. aini rozali

      I am interested.


    Skills required:


    Izza Zalha
    Developer (Web), Tester, Data Entry
    5 Years

    Proficiency in Power point

    In Process
    Husna Hasbullah
    Programmer/Admin/Data Entry
    1 Year

    I’m interested..can you give me an opportunity to do this job? .i will finish this job as soon as possible if you give me an opportunity to make this job.Thank you.

    In Process
    Sha Shaari
    Microsoft words
    1 Year

    Hi. I am Sha. I am workaholic person. Please consider me and trust me. I am promise that the project can be done on time. Have a nice day 🙂

    In Process
    Nuryn Ainul Haziqah Othman
    Skillful Designer
    1 Year

    Hi, It’s me Nuryn.
    I’m interested in your work.
    Hit me up if you are interested with my offer.
    email me at
    Thank you in advance

    In Process
    Natasha Azlan
    Proofread, Copywritjng and Data Entry
    2 Years

    Hello, Sir. I am Natasha. I want to help you with the job as I am good at using the Microsoft office with the pdf and have the experience of data entry jobs. Looking forward to working with you.

    In Process
    Erra Afandy
    Experienced Data Entry Copy Typing and Poster Design
    6 Years

    I experienced in copy typing and entering data for my company and daily basis for almost three years now and when it comes to completing task, I am a perfectionist. With good internet connection and plenty of available time, I am sure that, undoubtedly, will be able to finish any task relied to me within due dates. You may reach me anytime if you wish to get to know more about me and my expertise regarding the project. Apart from that, please do view me as a friendly and easy going person when it comes to conversation. It is of course, regardless of their gender and age, it is no problem for mo to mingle together.

    Therefore, I assure you that I can provide a good result with all task given to me. However, for me to perform at your personal expectation, I may require training and a further discussion regarding this task.

    Would love to hear good news from you any time soon.

    In Process
    Yee Heng Lau
    Data Analyst
    0 Years

    I had participated in 3 datathon which involved heavily in data visualization and my study is specializing in data analytics. Moreover, I equip up-to-date knowledge by doing reading every day and practicing data visualize skill thrice per week. Hence, I am confident to accomplish this task.

    In Process
    T YL
    Software Engineering and experienced in Microsoft office, Photoshop.
    1 Year

    I am experienced in Microsoft PowerPoint design.

    In Process
    Ooi Yi Chin
    Software Engineer
    0 Years

    I am Ooi from Kuala Lumpur, I am interested with this project and you can contact me with WhatsApp or WeChat by 014-972456 and email which is

    In Process
    Nael Rok
    Civil Engineer
    6 Years

    My name is Nael Rok. My background is in Civil Engineering. My field of expertise is in AutoCAD, Structure Analysis, Highway and traffic and data entry. I have a lot of free time so extra attention to my work will be paid , I am very particular down to every single detail (a perfectionist) and I can deliver the work on time if not before.

    In Process
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