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    Home-based Django / Python Programmer

    Home-based Django / Python Programmer

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    • Active on January 13, 2020

    Project description:

    Role: Django/Python Programmer

    Looking for a Django programmer to update and complete an unfinished project.

    Among others, it involves building the UI, API and database calls, and payment integration.


    – Django, Python, Bootstrap, Database Design

    – At least 1 year of experience

    – Self-motivated, keen to adapt to new technologies

    – Fluent English, Basic Chinese (Some APIs documentation will be in Chinese)

    – Adhere to coding standards, follow commenting and documentation rules

    – Have a sense of responsibility and pride in work done.

    This is a home-based position. We prefer a full-time staff, but open to part-timer as well.

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    1. Goh Jing Xuan

      I am first time using this platform, may I know how do I apply for the part-time job?


    Skills required:


    CK Song
    Data Scientist, Full stack web developer
    2 Years

    Good Morning Sharon. this is CK. I believe I have relevant experience on this, I was a full-stack web programmer on node.js/ and now a full time data scientist with some experience in Django. English is my usual profession language, mandarin is my mother tongue. At best I can offer to work at part time basis. Do shoot me a message if you are interested =)

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