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    Looking for Graphic Designer

    Looking for Graphic Designer

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    • Active on November 6, 2019

    Project description:

    Looking for Graphic Designer freelancer based in KL/PJ for our conveniences to meet.

    A lot to improve for a NEW website, (A Platform For Car Rental website) –

    Job – Design Ads for social media.

    We need to discuss what are the services you can provide to this project, proposal, cost / salary.

    – DO NOT bid or leave messages at here in Freelancing!. 
    Whatsapp me directly +60162200551 If you are a company / foreigner DO NOT contact me.

    Start introduce yourself by sending your & LinkedIn Profile.



    1. Aurelia Chan

      Hi, my name is Aurelia Chan and I’m interested in working on your project. Please WhatsApp me at +60128040589 or leave me an email at chanaurelia@gmail,com to let me know the details of this project.
      You can check out my resume here:
      Hope to hear from you soon!

    2. Samira Ghodrati

      dear tammy adelina
      I am Samira
      Senior Graphic Designer

      I have been working in graphic and design industry for over 12 years now as both permanent employee and freelance with a wide range of experiences including design and creating posters, Logos, brochures, banners, flyers and also book’s and magazine’s cover, page and layout designing , etc.
      I hope i can help you with professional and creative design

      please contact me at

      best regards


    Tengku Nas
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    1 Year

    We’re an agency but our pricing is not that expensive as other agencies. We’re a team of experienced people who just started to join together and opened our own agency.

    Let’s meet up and discuss further your project.

    In Process
    Minhajuddin Khawaja
    Website, Power Point, Logo, Graphics Designing
    15 Years


    I can help you with services related to Website Designing & Development, Digital Marketing, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress,PHP,, WIX, Shopify, Mobile App Development (Android/iOS), eCommerce/WooCommerce, 2D animation/ explainer videos, Graphics Designing, Brochure, Company Profiles, Brand Guidelines, Logo, Posters/Banners, Print Ads, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Email Newsletter Creation, Google Adwords etc.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Thank you!

    In Process
    Muhammad Shahirul Amir Bin Shaiful Anuar
    Bachelor Science (Hons) HOTEL MANAGEMENT
    0 Years

    Hi. My name is Amir. I am interested with the job posted by you. I have experience in doing this type of job. I am capable to finish the task given within the deadline. Feel free to hire me.

    In Process
    nur shazni shuhada bahari
    professional designer
    1 Year

    hi, i am shazni and i am interested with your project. even though i am not major in graphic design, but i am interested to make the graphic design as my passion as i love the art and illustration. i can assure you that i will create any design as you requested creatively and on time. kindly contact me if you are interested to hire me so that we can go further the discussion of the project. cant wait to hear from you soon, thank you. have a nice day.

    In Process
    tasnim zulkifli
    logo designer
    1 Year

    Hi, I’m interested in graphic designer. I am determined enough to complete your task and complete it within the deadline. I hope you will not hesitate to hit me up if you are interested in hiring me so that we can discuss more to make it according to your preference.

    In Process
    Afiqah Che Ku
    Logo Designer
    1 Year

    Hi there! I am Afiqah. I’m interested and would like to cooperate with you in this task. I can give full cooperation during the work. You can guarantee nothing but 100% satisfaction on the task. Kindly contact me if you are interested to hire me so we can discuss more on the project. Thank you!

    This is my email address :

    In Process
    Muhammad Syamim
    Design Logo
    1 Year

    Hi there, I am interested with the project that have been offered by you.I would gladly to work with you and could give the best results in the professional way that I could make for you. 

    In Process
    1 Year

    Hello sir/miss . I am Nur Syamimi a creative designer that can create your design according to your preferred and taste. i am also a person that easy to work with anyone and i am also a punctual person that can finish the job within time given.i can create according to your preferred. If you are interested to hire me, kindly contact me for futher information thank you

    In Process
    Nuryn Ainul Haziqah Othman
    Skillful Designer
    1 Year

    Hi, It’s me Nuryn.
    I’m interested in your work.
    Hit me up if you are interested with my offer.
    Thank you in advance

    In Process
    nurul afiqa
    Logo Designer
    1 Year

    Hello, I am Afiqa. I am interested with the project that you provide. I hope we can cooperate together in settling the job.

    In Process

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