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    September 22, 2016
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    Work from Home Options for Mums

    Work from home mum

    Many mums today wish to be home with the children and still bring some income into the family.  A good work at home jobs or job suitable for Mums needs to be flexible and easy going.

    Good work from home options for mums with children need to follow few requirements. It’s important to think what needs your family has before running out and choosing the first work from home opportunity that comes along. You need to choose something that will work for the whole family, and most importantly something you enjoy doing!

    Choosing work that meets your skills

    What did you do before you had children? Worked in an office? Unless you really couldn’t stand that job, playing to your strengths is the best way to make good money. Write a list of your skills and consider jobs that best match them.  Putting together a simple resume is a good start.  Maybe this is the time to start a business of your own?

    Do You Need Babysitting?

    Some mums have a great support network of helpful babysitters in their neighborhood, some don’t! Some have a dad who can be in charge in the evening and on weekends, some don’t. Some mums have kids with greater needs than others. Some families have bigger bills than others. Some families live a long way from cities, some don’t. Some are happy to have clients in their home, some aren’t. Consider the level of flexibility and income your work at home opportunity needs to be a success for you family.

    Upgrading Your Skills

    Before you consider starting a home business or looking for job where you can set up your office at home, you may like to upgrade on your business skills ahead of time. Completing a short course or certificate in a Marketing, IT, Management, Administration or Design can give you the confidence to go for it and the padding your resume may need to get you to the next level.

    What else you need to consider…

    Once you have decided on what you will do, if you have a business name, get this registered at SSM. You won’t need to register for GST in Malaysia until you’re sales turnover is RM500,000 or more. You will probably need a proper computer, printer, smartphone and a fast internet connection. Register yourself with, the local freelancing site for Malaysian freelancers looking for jobs.

    Here are some of the more popular jobs in Malaysia for Mums:

    1. Freelance Writing
    2. Children Day Carer
    3. Affiliate Marketing
    4. Graphic Designing
    5. Web Developer
    6. Tuition teacher
    7. Insurance agent
    8. Online Assistant

    Good luck and happy working from home.

    Source:  Stay at home mum

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