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    February 15, 2017
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    Working from home guide


    More and more freelancers are working remotely. They may have an “office” at home, in a co-working space or even at the coffee shop. Fortunately, technology today has allowed anyone who travels to a traditional office every day to benefit from the flexibility of working from home. While it may seem like all great at first, you can probably run into some difficulties if you are not well prepared. To be a successful from working from home concept, begin with these essential guidelines:

    Dress Code

    Finally the day comes and you have heard of stories people working in their pajamas and shorts and making a living from home. Well, it may sounds interesting, but don’t get excited yet! Be sure to set your alarm the night before and wake up as usual as how you routinely wake up to go to work. Take a shower and get dressed for your workday. While it may be tempting to stay in your pajamas, you will feel much more productive and professional once you are neatly dressed for the day. A proper dress code will create the mood for you to work better. Never underestimate the power of a shower and clean clothes.

    Office Room

    We rarely get alone time much less have our own office. If you’re anything like me, my office has been turned into the kids’ playroom. It’s time to claim that room back. Be sure to have your own private space that you are able to conduct business. If you are unable to reclaim your room, be sure to designate a space in your home specifically for you and your work. This may be something as simple as a dedicated place at the kitchen table. Whatever it is make it yours, and let the kids know that it is mommy’s workspace and it’s off limits.

    Get Organized

    We all like to think of our home as our comfort zone. While this may be true, it is very important to turn part of that comfort zone into a well-functioning desk/area. For that to happen, you need to get organized. There is nothing more frustrating than while attending a call with client and realizing you can’t find that important documents you planned to discussing with them. You don’t want to come across as a poorly planned business owner. To prevent this from happening, start getting organized.

    Take a break

    Schedule a time for frequent breaks throughout the day. Rise from your desk, stretch or walk around the house or take a lunch break. If you need a little socializing, go out to lunch with friends or clients. A major advantage to working from home is having flexibility. If fitness is important to you, a fast trip to the fitness center can refresh you and make for a productive day ahead.

    Avoid distractions

    One challenge of working from home is responsibility. With no friends or partners around, it’s easy to become distracted. There are always errands to run and other works at home to do. Do your best to put off household tasks, like laundry and dish washing, until it’s after 5.00pm.

    Stay focused on work throughout the day to maintain consistent productivity. Avoid online distractions like surfing social media sites. Set a timer on your phone or computer if necessary.

    Let’s face it. You get to earn a living while being at home with your children. Don’t ignore calls. Don’t avoid emails. Don’t miss meetings. Be available all the time. Show to yourself that you can be a successful freelancer working from home. If you can do this, you can do anything!

    Happy Working from Home!!!

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